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72 Queer as folk Icons (mostly Brian/Michael)
QaF - Brian/Mikey *Yours*
bm_shipper wrote in michaelandbrian
Yes, you read right... I made "Queer as folk" icons, but before anyone else looks for "something in particular" I have to say they are ALL Brian/Michael... ;-) Because the two of them are just my ULTIMATE OTP... my OTP forever... I still use the username with which I started here and it's connected to them - Brian & Michael... because they still have a HUGE part of my heart, even though I moved on to other fandoms... but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about them... I could never... ;-)

So when the new round of tvshow20in20 started, I thought about doing another batch of "Common Law" icons, but then it hit me and I chose "Queer as folk"... it was like a flash of inspiration and I'm quite happy I chose them...

I put a lot of work and effort in my icons, so I really hope, you enjoy them :-)


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