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b/m - hands ani
mickfish wrote in michaelandbrian
Please pass this message on to anyone you know who is/was a B/M fan fic writer. If you have an account with and have stories saved on there, please become a member of Archive of Our Own (if you haven’t already) and start posting your fics over there.

I have no scheduled date yet but it is happening. I have been keeping the archive open without any donations for nearly a year now and can not do it any longer. I tried to keep it going, but it’s too much of an expense and all donations stopped coming in. The wonderful team behind A03 have offered to be the new home of all the fics at the Always archive! at this time the fics will have to be moved manually. I am going to move as much as I can on my own, but am begging as many of you as possible to move your fics yourself. It only takes a few minutes….please help!

Thank you!

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So, the archive shut down today, and practically none of those fics are on AO3, now what?

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