Чаровница (sasha_adams) wrote in michaelandbrian,

Brian/Michael fan video

Hello everyone, I hope that some people read those posts ;) If not, well, it`s a pity (8
I toyed with this idea for 3 years, yeah, I know that`s too long but whatever. The thing is I made it and I really want to share this video with you :)
Oh, and two words about the main idea of this video. In 5x11 Brian propose to Justin, and for me, when I first watched this scene it was so unreal, like it`s not Brian at all, whole marriage thing and all these words, and mostly, it was all said to the wrong person. And at one moment Justin asked: Have you got second thoughts? And Brian paused. And then said: Not one. And I screamed in my head: Brian, you are liar! And ta-da, the idea of this video appeared.

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