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This community was created and is watched over by mickfish. If you have any complaints or any praise please send me a private message and we will discuss the matter.

This is a community for the Queer As Folk fans who love Brian and Michael's friendship and who want more than just their friendship. If you have fabulous B/M pictures, fanfic, or anything about Brian and Michael, feel free to post it.


* These rules are effective as of November 26, 2010 due to the multiple requests for membership by individuals who want to advertise pornographic material here. I have the right to reject anyone and any posts deemed suspicious and potentially offensive to our members and anyone underage on Live Journal.*

1. You have to be an ACTIVE user of Live Journal for at least one year. "Active" means your journal is posted to and receives comments multiple times during the month. Anyone who is an LJ user but is not actively posting (public or private posts) will be rejected.

2. You have to have Brian/Michael, QaF and other valid and related interests listed.

3. Preferably you will be a member of or will be watching QaF related communities.

Brian & Michael Always

Brian & Michael are love (no matter what CowLip says).

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michaelandbrian.fortunecity.com (formerly michaelandbrian.net)


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